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August 17 | Registration Day
August 25 | First Day of School
September 17 | Booster Club Kick-Off Party

Members 2021-22


Sea King | $5,000+

Alyson and Dean Decker
Pamela and Martin Griffiths
Michelle and Milton Mabry
Lori and Tom O’Hern
Athena Perrakis and David Meizlik
Maria and Sean O’Connor
Danielle and Darin Puhl
Karen and Brett Zane

Trident | $2,500-$4,999

Dina and Matthew Bates
Sarah and Kevin Boyle
Kenna and Paul Bynum
Catherine Grennan
Julie and Larry Manth
Kate and Mike McKenna
Jenny and Todd Musgrave
Michelle Parks
Melissa Resich
Rachel and Adam Rioux
Cindy and Kalani Van Scoyoc
Jennifer and Roger Yang

Honor Roll | $1,000-$2,499

Anonymous (1)
Gina and Spencer Bradley Ballard
Cindy and Matt Bandy
Trisha and Edward Barrios
Brian and Margaret Bonvechio
Jennifer and Peter Borden
Sally and Stuart Canario
Jin and Kevin Chang
Jill and Jeff Dixon
Lisa and Steve Donahue
Meredith and Blake Edwards
Rachel and Jeff Forman
Winnie and David Gan
Anna and Daniel Gavino
Melissa and Michael Heinze
Audra and Jay Hoynacki
Songdong Hu and Zu Wu
Rory Hunter
Julia and Byung Kim
Sarah and Christopher Kim
Courtney and Daniel Klink
Mina and Kevin Ku
Linda and Eugene Kwon
Josefine Lu and David Ngo
Sophia and Michael Mackiewics
Elizabeth Matthews and Scott Simmons
Danielle and Fazal Merchant
Keyla and Geoffrey Montgomery
Jennifer Novak and Dean Bengston
Erin and Steve O’Donnell
Colleen and John Post
Colleen and Craig Quinn
Lisa and Mark Roah
Sarah Robarts
Juliana and Anthony Santich
Britta and Kevin Shannon
Erin and Colin Smith
Karen and Chris Sinfield
Kellie and Todd Stender
Jennifer Taggart and Jud Welcher
Wendy and Braden Turnbull
Vita and Henry Ungaro
Karen and Mark Vasey
Dale and Christopher Ward
Janis and Mike Warter
Jonna and Andrew Werts
Stacey and Steve Wilhem
Jennifer and Ryan Yakubik

Booster | $500-$999

Anonymous (13)
Ellie and Sung Bang
Sandi and John Barrett
Shannon Bates and Douglas Pryor
Kym and John Battaglia
Lisa and Jim Berry
Julie and Jon Beuerlein
Sunitha and Juma Bharadia
Joanne Bowen
Jennifer Boissavy
Sheryl and Walt Brannan
Monica and Scott Brannen
Emily and Beau Brown
Reena and Shaun Byrne
Heather and Timothy Campbell
Nicole and Tom Carroll
Kathy and Joshua Carvalho
Laura and Per Chas
Tiffany Chin and Steven Kan
Jeong Choi
Kailine and Phil Choi
Sandra and Lance Chor
Whitney and Derek Cicero
Doris and Frank Colaruotolo
Cara Combatalade Seamans
Kristin and David Conforti
Holly and Chris Corman
Dan Cote
Alysa and Todd Dearborn
Dawn and Timothy Duffy
Cathryn and Darren Eades
Jacqueline and Michael Enriquez
Denise Farnsworth
May and Yuan Feng
Amy and Michael Forte
Donni and Brian Foster
Amy and Jordan Friedman
Sandi Fuerte
Akemi and Ron Fukushima
Marie and Jason Gallien
Ali and Randy Galosic
Holly and Jeff Gardner
Ida and Bradley Gardner
Jenifer and David Gressett
Thychau and Yuehua Allen Guo
Kristen Gutermuth and Keith Chumley

Carolyn and Anthony Hardesty
Jennifer and Timothy Hart
Jennifer and Masa Hasegawa
Elva and Eric Hernandez
Karen and Arthur Horner
Xin Huang
Anita and Brian Joy
Marilyn and Steve Kalty
Rachel and Steve Kang
Alicia and Kenny Kao
Molly and Jeffrey Kearns
Hanna and Steve Kim
Kristen and Alex Kouzmanoff
Michele and John Koyama
Gina and Keith Kreamer
Rachel and Stephen Larkin
Sooyeol Lee
Mandi and Scott Leonard
Yun and Jeffrey Lin
Michele and Darin Lininger
Maura and James Lowenstein
Jill and Kelly Lynch
Carrie Mandala
Erica and Lenny Mangham
Anne and Andrew Martz
Angela and George Matthews
Rosie Matthews
Holly and John Mavar
Gina and Brent McDuffie
Cynthia and Peter McPhee
Dina and Dave Moll
Isabel and Andrew Moore
Quinn and Bill Mulkey
Teresa and Paul Nagy
Michelle and Craig Naivar
Kelsi and Hiroki Nakamura
Tawnie and Phil Norman
Lorraine and Michael Norris
Michele Ocampo
Jeanette and Ryan O’Toole
Tricia and Chris Olsens
Emily and Steve Olson
Cheryl Oshiro and Fred Chow
Diana and Rob Otto
Seung Hong and Brian Park
Linda and Royal Park
Julie and Lawrence Paul

Julia and Steve Prado
Michelle and Paul Rappoport
Noelle and Rammy Rasmussen
Nicole and Matt Reis
Kathy and Jeff Riggs
Amy and Tom Roche
Trish Rose and Mark Hickey
Jo and Mark Saalberg
Susan and Bob Sandler
Tara and Mark Schilling
Kirstie and Eric Schipper
Velveth and Chuck Schmitz
Lara and John Shea
Allyson and Alex Shen
Christine and Dan Sherry
Margaret and Ed Sipes
Julie and Mark Stoll
Laurie and Richard Stone
Eva Su
Suzanne and Alan Sugano
Linda and Matthew Suh
Linda and Albert Sun
Brian Sung
Lisa and John Tellenbach
Jenny and Keith Tholan
Amy Tichenor
Sharon and Michael Tousey
Tiffney and Shannon Townley
Mabel and Derrick Tran
Quynh and Steven Hung Tran
Kristin Typrowicz
Liz and Jay Underhill
Valerie and John Ungaro
April Upp and Jack Davis
Audra and Darius Vitkus
Tracey and Marco Vranich
Vivianne and Yaniv Waisman
Jenny and Jack Wang
Kathleen and Michael Warner
Nancy Wei and William Su
Julie and Tim Wesley
Connie and Mark Worthge
Tiffany Yu and Allen Barton
Julie and Min Zavarella
Tatiana Zeballos and Constantinos Chrysosotomou

Member | $250-$499

Anonymous (41)
Vanita Aggarwal and Sanket Agrawal
Anka Albano
Stacie and Jack Allocco
Holly and John Ambris
Shane and Chris Andrews
Heather and Jason Askinosie
Jonathan Axtell
Lisa and Joe Balcom
Erin and Scot Barbour
Laura and Dean Beresford
Tracey Black-Van Wier
Frances and Daniel Blair
Kathleen and Toby Blue
Rina and Bob Boardman
Susan and Steve Bohannon
Andrea Bond and Dennis Chang
Kristen Borden
Anitra and George Bornheimer
Roxan and Farhad Bottlewalla
Kim and John Bradley
Allison and Ronald Brandt
Gretchen and David Brandt
Jennifer and David Bray
Christa Brillhart and Ahmed Hassanein
Emmeli and Dylan Bruno
Lisa and Philip Buhl
Krista and Jack Burns
Jane and Jason Butcher
Peter and Patti Cacos
Jaden Camel
Scott Campbell
Triesha Campbell
Elizabeth Cantella
Carolyn Carpenter
Michael and Stephanie Carpenter
Beth and Marshall Carr
Cissy Chandler
Jennifer Chang
Janeth Chaux and Tony Cordi
Ashley Chen
Roger and Stephanie Chen
Yumiko Chiba-Yiu
Kimberly and John Chominsky
Cristina Ciminelli
Claudia Cisneros
Karen Clancy and Leo Aguirre
Val and Keith Cole
Kathi and Joe Colli
Dana and Tim Conlon
Candy and Scott Cooper
Tara and Michael Coppola
Jen Curtis Cosgrove
Michelle and Mike Cross
Heidi and Daniel Cunningham
Sophia and Henry Daneshvar
Katie and Merlin David
Bethelyn and Steven Dawson
Swaran and Dan DeLeon
Janesa and Brandon DeMott
Prakash and Ujwala Shah Dheeriya
Jeannine and Nickolas Di Camillo

Malinda DiLeva
Suzanne Doup-Mackey and Todd Mackey
Lucia and Matthew Eaton
Heather and Matt Elkin
Pam Ewald
Sophie and Jeff Falcone
Finazzo Enterprise
Suzanne and Pete Fiamengo
Lori Fitzpatrick
Bernadette and Miguel Franco
Eden and Steve Friedman
Christine Fugatti-Chapman and David Stumfall
Michelle Fullerton
Becky Gallo
Julie and Tony Gayton
Supriya and Sunil Gianchandani
Brianna and Dave Gianetto
Tracy and Jeff Gibson
May and Marcus Goldsworthy
Efren Gonzalez
Jodie and Ian Gray
Tamara and Mike Gruninger
Shawna Hagerty and Daniel Lyman
Jennifer and Brian Harkavy
Jackie and Mike Harper
Stephanie and Stephen Harris
Marcie and Thomas Hebert
Sheryl and Rich Heffernan
Kathryn and Giordan Hernandez
Paola and Michael Hirsch
Nancy and Jason Hokama
Nancy Honda and Mark Thompson
Jennifer and Ted Hong
Sang and Kiok Hong
Deborah Howell
Kimberly and Scott Hunter
Judith and Craig Huss
Catherine and James Hwang
Paige Inman and Ron Moravek
Cathrine Jackson and Gordon Teuber
Kristen and Alan Jensen
Kathleen and Matthew Johnson
Krista and Jeff Johnson
Trisha Jonas
Deborah and Keith Jones
Patricia Jones
Mark Jongewaard
Joannie and Joe Jorczak
Christine and Eric Jorgensen
Peggy Kaelin and Guenther Dreer
Michelle and Jeff Kapner
Tina Kastelan
Jima and Gene Kato
Adrianne and Richard Kaufman
Mary and David Kelliny
Katherine and Kevin Keough
Deborah and Brett Keshtkar
Jill and Barry Khan
Shirin and Joel Klein

Lisa and Dan Klerman
Alexandra and Avery Knapp
Sylvie and David Knotek
Holly ad Jarrod Koch
Yale Kozinski
Dina and Joe LaBreche
Sheri and John LaBreche
Taiko and Daniel Lane
Abby and Ted Lanes
Lisa and Beau Lazar
Kelly and Leonardo Leal
Sookie Lee
Jan and David Lim
Anna and Alex Liu
Carolyn and Richard Lizdenis
Julie and Wyatt Loo
Xiaofang Luo
Angelique and Geoff Lyle
Nina and Ken MacLeay
Kimberly and Arnie Madrid
Hideki and Julie Maemoto
Joe and Veronica Maguire
Reza and Mahshid Malekzadeh
Lisa and John Mantikas
Sina and Azadeh Mardani
Sarah Martoccia
Linda and Boris Masnov
Lisa Matlock Gruninger and Mike Gruninger
Jennifer and Chris Malloy
Lesley and Kevin Mayer
Jenny and Dane McKay
Venita and Grant McLay
Megan and Tim Michael
Maki and Clark Michel
Shelly and Joel Milam
Steve and Kristen Milick
Carrie and Aaron Miller
Maribel Ortiz Montalvan
Noel and Kim Moore
Martha and Anthony Munoz
Susanna and Andrew Munro
Maya and Peter Navarra
Yumiko and Kaz Negishi
Caroline Nelson
Natasha and Richard Nelson
Victoria and Sean O’Leary
Tina and Brett O’Keefe
Karen Olson
Linda and Ejike Onyeador
Tanya Ounanian
Kathy and Michael Padian
Saera Park and Alex Lee
Jenny and Loren Peters
Carol Piccirillo and Hany Francis
Barbara Politz and Amie Smirni
Sheylander Prudence and John Udeani
Saritha Pulla and Ravikumar Reddy Siddha

Rhonda and Gregory Rafijah
Summer and Robert Ranaldi
Carrie and Daniel Reed
Erin and Victor Rizzo
Veronica and Sebastian Rodriguez
Bridget and Alexander Rusich
Mary and Sal Russo
Brooke and David Sachs
Jamie and Jonah Schnel
Renee Fang and Gary Shen
Mariko and Steven Shimoyama
Julie and Mark Shreckengast
Virginia and Mark SIlvestri
Suellen Simpson-Morgan
Rosanna and Ranjan Singh
Katie and Kurt Slingsby
Erica and Tomas Smalley
Jeffrey Soll
Helen and Panagiotis Spanos
Minta and Erick Spencer
Joanna Sroka-Scholz and Martin Scholz
Janina and Walter Stiebel
Cathy and Adam Storr
Gena and Michail Klostrakis
Jacqueline and David Suiter
John and Janine Sun
Esma and Matthew Tarakji
Anna and David Terrell
Christine and Steve Tight
Jill Tomaro
Tatiana Tomasevich
Katharine and George Toney
Katherine Tsai
Noelle and Todd Tydlaska
Machi Uchiyama
Jaime and Fredrik Wahlstrom
Theresa and Duncan Wain
Bu and Daniel Wang
Peanie and Alexander Wang
Christine and Anthony Watts
Lisa Weiss
Darcy and Chris Wendel
Fernanda and Steve Westman
Beth and Dan White
Fabe Motakef and Rik Woudwijk
Heather and Jim Wright
Jermane and Ronald Wright
Heidi and Tim Wynn
Peng Xie and Wan Ling Liu
Emi and Mark Wayner
Makiko Yamamori
Andrea Yochim and Guy Puckett
Dale Yu

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