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August 15 | Registration Day
August 23 | First Day of School
September 15 | Booster Club Kick-Off Party

Catch the Wave


2024 Catch the Wave Party

March 15, 2024
Palos Verdes Golf Club

PV Booster Club’s Biggest Fundraiser
All proceeds benefit the 3 A’s

Academics • Arts • Athletics


CTW 2022 Photos

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Thank You 2023 Sponsors!

Sea King for Life $10,000
David Meizlik and Athena Perrakis
Britta and Kevin Shannon
Oarsmen Foundation

Platinum Sea King $5,000+

Alyson and Dean Decker
Kimberly Po and David Nainkin
Lori and Tom O’Hern
Rachel and Adam Rioux
Jen and Roger Yang

Gold Sea King $2,500+
Joanne and Justin Bowen
Nathalie and Robert Corry
Carol and Johnny Hong
Sylvie and David Knotek
Rebecca and Jon La Lanne
Laura and Nathan Lee
Kristen and Anthony Leone
Kelly and Al Walsh

Silver Sea King $1,000+
Jennifer Novak and Dean Bengston
Margaret and Brian Bonvechio
Subir and Malini Chowdhury Foundation
Lisa and Steve Donahue
May and Yuan Feng
Catherine Grennan
Kristen and Alex Kouzmanoff
Winy Chen and Shun Chi Lo
Wendy and Brett Moulton
Erin and Steve O’Donnell
Velveth and Chuck Schmitz
Dale and Christopher Ward
River Church of the South Bay
PVHS Boys Baseball
PVHS Boys Golf
PVHS Boys Water Polo
PVHS Girls Cheer
PVHS Track and Field

Bronze Sea King $500+
Kathryn and Hasan Arafat
Gina and Brad Ballard
Kym and John Battaglia
Julie and Jon Beuerlein
Emmeli and Dylan Bruno
Kenna and Paul Bynum
Tatiana Zeballos and Constantinos Chrysostomou
Kristen Gutermuth and Keith Chumley
Dan Cote
Meredith and Blake Edwards
Rachel and Jeff Forman
Amy and Jordan Friedman
Akemi and Ron Fukushima
Holly and Jeff Gardner
Melissa and Michael Heinze
Trish Rose and Mark Hickey
Allison and Justin Holcher
Jennifer and Ted Hong
Karen and Guy Horner
Lisa and Carlos Juelle
Denise and Troy Kelley
Jennifer and Bill Kirk
Courtney and Dan Klink
Gretchen and Britton Lees
Mandi and Scott Leonard
Sophia and Michael Mackiewicz
Rosie and Ken Matthews
Gina and Brent McDuffie
Cindy and Peter McPhee
Diana and Rob Otto
Linda and Royal Park
Shannon Bates and Douglas Pryor
Colleen and Craig Quinn
Noelle and Rammy Rasmussen
Amy and Tom Roche
Kathy and Dave Rodriquez
Laura and John Shea
Allyson and Alex Shen
Karen and Chris Sinfield
Margaret and Ed Sipes
Kellie and Todd Stender
Holly and David Stocke
Cathy and Adam Storr
Lisa and John Tellenbach
Jenny and Keith Tholan
Karen and Mark Vasey
Emi and Mark Wayner
Jonna and Andrew Werts
Julie and Tim Wesley
Cynthia Williams
Aya Ogawa and Andrew Woods
Fabe Motakef and Rik Woudwijk
Jen and Ryan Yakubik
Karen and Brett Zane
PVHS Boys Water Polo
PVHS Girls Cheer

Proud Sea King $250+
Lisa and Alnis Briedis
Carla and Billy Hatler
Jeanette and Ryan O’Toole
Ted Simpson
PV Alumni 60 of SBPSL
South Bay All Stars SBPSL


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