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June 6 | Graduation
August 20 | Registration
August 28 | Classes start
October 4 | Kick-Off Party

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Welcome PV High School Alumni and Friends!

Get caught up on the latest alumni & friends news and make a donation to support Palos Verdes High School arts, athletics and academics.

Our PV High School students today stand on the shoulders of those who came before them. From their time here in the halls of campus to their successful college experiences and professional careers, our PV High School alumni proudly represent the Sea King family. We are thankful for the example our alumni set for our current students, not least of which is their support of our PV High School Booster Club. The generous contributions of our Alumni & Friends ensure our students’ continued success in the Arts, Academic, and Athletics.

Alumni & Friends Donations

Thank you to the following groups and individuals who have recently made gifts toward today’s PV High School Booster Club efforts:


  • Class of 1978.  The Class held their 40 year reunion in July 2018 at the Bluewater Grill Redondo Beach with over 110 in attendance.  Surplus money was donated to the Booster Club. 
  • Lunada Bay Elementary, 2019 Alumni Class
  • PV Alumni 50 & LAH2 of the South Bay Peninsula Soccer league. – Many of our players are alumni or parents of PVHS alumni and our home field is PVHS.
  • Ann Vasey – Class of 1985
  • Jack Quinn – Class of 2018

Rich Heffernan

The Alumni Association Team

  • Rich Heffernan, Chairman, PVHS Alumni Association, Class of 1976
  • Craig Quinn, President, PVHS Boosters Club
  • Ann Vasey, Class of 1985
  • Garrett Delgado, Class of 2008
  • Elizabeth Stapleton, Class of 2012
  • Stephanie Aldrete, Class of 1978