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PVHS Booster Club President’s Message

Sea King Parents,

Welcome current and prospective Palos Verdes High School Booster Club members! I am honored to assume the presidency of the PVHS Booster Club, an organization that has consistently provided supplemental and vital funding to enhance the Academic, Arts and Athletic experience for our children. As we near the 60 year anniversary of PVHS and the 20 year mark of the school’s re-opening, one fact remains unchanged: we have an outstanding high school in an exceptional community.

Although the start of the school year at PVHS will be different due to COVID-19, the mission of the PVHS Booster Club remains constant: we provide direct funding to essential programs which are not funded by our school district. Even in a COVID environment, most of these needs still remain and are directly funded by PVHS Boosters including: the College & Career Center, PVIT (Palos Verdes Institute of Technology), technology for our school library, and stipends to support every academic department lead. And with the full resumption of Arts and Athletics in the ensuing months, our funds support our award winning drama & music productions, digital photography & fine arts, and coaching stipends and equipment for all of our athletic teams.

The unique aspect of PVHS Booster Club is that we are balanced and support the full high school experience: our 3 A’s – Academics, Arts and Athletics. Your contribution is direct, meaningful, and targeted: 100% goes directly to PVHS, 100% to identified purposes, and you can designate funding to specific programs as well.

While PVHS, our school district, and our broader Nation all face the extreme challenges of COVID-19, we know that a return to normalcy for our children is critical and we all must do our part to facilitate an exceptional high school experience.

Our most important source of income comes from membership donations. I encourage you to join now by completing this form to help maintain and grow the high standard of excellence at PVHS as well as receive our newly designed Booster Club merchandise as an added bonus!

Thank you for support. Go Sea Kings!

Dean Decker
PVHS Booster Club President

PVHS Booster Club was established in 2001 as a 501(c )(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  TAX ID# 30-0005919

PVHS Booster Club Board 2021-22

Contact Us at web.pvboosterclub@gmail.com

Dean Decker

VP Treasurer
Alyson Decker

VP Membership (Registration)
Cat Grennan

VP Membership (SWAG)
Julie Zavarella

Bethelyn Dawson

Amy Roche

Financial Secretary
Gina Ballard

Kellie Stender

Academics Chair
Alex Shen

Arts Chair
Melissa Heinze

Athletics Co-Chair
John Tellenbach
Brett Zane

Kick-off Party Co-Chair
Mandi Leonard
Jennifer Kirk
Bethelyn Dawson

Catch the Wave Co-Chair
Lisa Tellenbach
Ally Shen

Catch the Wave Online Auction Chair
Kristen Kouzmanoff

Grad Seats & Parking Chair
Lisa Balcom

Alumni Relations
Rich Heffernan
Craig Quinn

Campus Improvements & Service
Ryan Yakubik

Capital Projects
Tom O’Hern

District Facilities Advisory Committee Rep
Brian Bonvechio

Donors & Sponsors
Roger Yang

Member At Large
Keyla Montgomery

Partnership Path (Bricks)
Courtney Klink

PEF Liaison
Alex Shen

PTSA Liaison
Anitra Bornheimer

Welcome Wagon Chair
Janina Stiebel

Trista Ramirez

Athletic Director
Brian Shapiro

PVHS Booster Club was established in 2001 as a 501(c )(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  TAX ID# 30-0005919

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