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June 11 | Semester ends

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Craig Quinn PV Booster Club President 2018-19

Craig Quinn
President 2019-20

A warm welcome to all new and returning Sea King families!

To create the best experience for all students, please join the Palos Verdes High School Booster Club today! At PVHS, parents engage by sharing their time, talent and treasure to boost the Academic, Arts and Athletic experiences of our kids. This holistic approach brings our students and families together with a common purpose and leverages all resources to benefit 100% of our kids. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and spend more time on campus with your child.

We work closely with Dr. Allan Tyner and team to prioritize the allocation of donations to fund a broad range of improvements such as: world class robotics and PVIT teams, new MPR seating, college counselors, the Wellness Center, Model UN, debate, theatrical productions, dance floors, spacious sport lockers, turf field upgrades, coaches, water refilling stations and much more! In short, the Booster Club funds many of the activities on campus. Our fundraising goal is $400,000.

You can join our Booster Club with a $200 donation or more. We offer a unique benefit by allowing your donations above $200 to be designated to the specific Academic, Arts or Athletic programs that most interest your students and you. Corporate Matching Funds can help your donations go even further. 100% of our funds benefit students at PVHS!

As a thank you, all Booster Club members are invited to a Kick Off Party following the October 4th Homecoming football game at the lovely Shannon home.

Also, our Alumni outreach will be expanded all year to reconnect with friends. Join us on campus over Thanksgiving weekend for various Alumni games, Hall of Fame inductees, Drama and Music showcase, tours and unveiling of the Jim Kinney Memorial Wall in Senior Park. All decades from 1960-2019 will be celebrated throughout the weekend. Admission is free!

Wishing our Sea King Nation the very best this coming year!

Craig Quinn
PVHS Booster Club President

P.S. Save the date for a fabulous evening of laughter and dancing at our annual Booster Club fundraising event, Catch the Wave, Saturday, March 14th at Palos Verdes Golf Club.

PVHS Booster Club was established in 2001 as a 501c (3) non-profit, tax exempt organization. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE to the extent allowed by law. TAX ID# 30-0005919

PVHS Booster Club Board 2019-20

Contact Us at web.pvboosterclub@gmail.com

Craig Quinn

VP Treasurer
Alyson Decker

VP Membership
Lisa “Itchie” Van Ingen Pope

VP Operations
Anitra Bornheimer

Bethelyn Dawson, Amy Roche

Financial Secretary
Katie Applewhite

Academic Committee Chair
April Upp

Jennifer Borden

Arts Committee Chair
Lis Walter

Diane Imbach

Athletic Committee Chair
Pat Fresch

Cathy Fresch

Alumni Relations
Rich Heffernan

Joycelyn Harrigian

Grad Seats & Parking
Irene Hill

Kick Off Party, Catch-the-Wave Fundraisers
Lisa Balcom

Amber Mcauley


Member at Large- Alumni
Ann Vasey

Member at Large Athletics
Jill Allen

Member at large Bricks
Catherine Lucas

Member at Large- Escript
Abby Lanes

Member at Large- Welcome Wagon
Janina Stiebel

Member at Large
Marisa Kunich

Member at Large
Scott Holt

Member at Large
Lisa Templeton

Member at Large
Quinn Mulkey

Member at Large
Tom O’hern

Member at Large
Jennifer Kirk

Dr. Allan Tyner

Athletic Director
Brian Shapiro

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