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August 17 | Registration Day
August 25 | First Day of School
September 17 | Booster Club Kick-Off Party

PVHS Booster Cub supports Academcis, Arts, Athletics


Sea King Parents,

Welcome current and prospective Palos Verdes High School Booster Club members! The 60 year anniversary of PVHS and the 20-year mark of the school’s reopening are upon this year. These are big milestones for PVHS – we are all highly fortunate to be part of an outstanding high school in an exceptional community. As we have for the past two decades, the PVHS Booster Club provides direct funding to essential programs and projects which are not funded by our school district.

The unique aspect of PVHS Booster Club is that we are balanced and support the full high school experience: our 3 A’s – Academics, Arts and Athletics. And just as importantly, your contribution is direct, meaningful and targeted: 100% to PVHS, 100% to identified purposes, and you can designate funding to specific programs as well.

Despite the challenges of COVID during the past school year, the generosity of our membership base was extraordinary and the Booster Club put your donations to good work by directly funding campus needs including:

– The College and Career Center
– PVIT (Palos Verdes Institute of Technology)
– The Fine Arts – the Spring Musical, the music department and digital photography
– Stipends to support every academic department lead
– Off season coaching stipends
– Athletic equipment, field maintenance & upgrades

In addition, we are placing added emphasis on campus projects and improvements. This summer we have funded and completed numerous projects to maintain and enhance the PVHS Campus: full repainting of the campus perimeter wall, new Sea King banners for the fencing, and restoration and addition of murals around campus. We have much more planned for this upcoming year!

Our most important source of income is from membership donations. I encourage you to join the Booster Club for the 2021-22 school year. All members will receive our newly designed Booster Club merchandise, and you are invited to attend our annual Kick-Off Party on Friday, September 17 (details below).

Let’s continue to make a difference at PVHS. Thank you for past and continued support!

Go Sea Kings!
Dean Decker
PVHS Booster Club President


A warm welcome to all new, returning, and Alumni Sea King families!

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PV Booster Club works to create the best experience for all students at PVHS.

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PVHS Booster Club was established in 2001 as a 501(c )(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  TAX ID# 30-0005919

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