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August 15: Registration Day
August 21: First day of classes

PVHS Booster Cub supports Academcis, Arts, Athletics


Sea King Parents,

Welcome current and prospective Palos Verdes High School Booster Club members! At PVHS Boosters, we are once again excited to start the new school year. We are coming off an outstanding year at PVHS: (i) exceptional college acceptance rates which were the top in PVPUSD, (ii) award winning Drama, Music and Arts, (iii) a nationally renowned PVIT program, and (iv) widespread success across athletics.

As we have for the past two decades, the Booster Club helps fuel the success at PVHS by providing direct funding to essential programs and projects which are not funded by our school district. In the 2022-23 school year, we raised a record $600,000 to maintain and enhance the PVHS student experience.

The unique aspect of the PVHS Booster Club is that we are balanced and support all of our students across our 3 A’s – Academics, Arts and Athletics. And just as importantly, your contribution is direct, meaningful and targeted: 100% to PVHS, 100% to identified purposes, and you can designate funding to specific programs as well.

The generosity of our membership base this past year was extraordinary as demonstrated by our record donations AND an all-time high in participation percentage. The Booster Club put your donations to good work by directly funding campus needs for virtually every department, activity and team.

In addition, we completed a lengthy list of capital projects to maintain PVHS as the premier high school in an exceptional community. 2022-23 projects included: a full refurbishment of the the outdoor stage at Senior Park, an expanded cage ball and weight room training area, and extensive landscaping work which included a new planter and mural on the main campus driveway.

And our work is not completed: 2023-24 will be our most ambitions year ever with two major campus-wide projects and associated capital campaigns (and a planned third for the Arts).

Sea King Center
A refurbishment and transformation of the PVHS gymnasium
into a modern day “all-student” facility with
dramatically enhanced audio & visual capabilities.

Fab Lab, Computer Lab and PVIT Expansion
We are moving forward with “Prepared for Tomorrow” a breakthrough
initiative to update PVHS with the technology and spaces
for our students to thrive in high school and beyond.

PVHS Football Locker Room
After significant uninsured water damage from this last winter, a private donor is generously spearheading the funding for a major renovation and improvement of the locker room for our consistently, high-achieving football program.

Our most important source of income is from membership donations. I encourage you to join the Booster Club for the 2023-24 school year – click here to join. In addition, you can donate directly to any specific department, activity or team. Moreover, you can also directly support Sea King Center or Fab Lab.

All members will receive our newly designed Booster Club merchandise, and you are invited to attend our annual Kick-Off Party on Friday, September 15. This MUST ATTEND EVENT is for current Booster Club members only and tickets are complimentary (see event details below!).

We continue to make a big impact at PVHS. Together, let’s make PVHS even better!

We have a big year ahead. Thank you for your past and continued support.

Go Sea Kings!

Dean Decker
PVHS Booster Club President
[email protected]


A warm welcome to all new, returning, and Alumni Sea King families!

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PV Booster Club works to create the best experience for all students at PVHS.

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PVHS Booster Club was established in 2001 as a 501(c )(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  TAX ID# 30-0005919

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