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August 14 | Fall Registration
August 22 | First Day of Classes
September 11 | Booster Club Meeting 7 pm
October 5 | Kick-Off Party
October 9 | Booster Club Meeting 7 pm

Members 2017-18

Sea King

Capital Group
Pamela and Martin Griffiths
Erin and Hank Harper
Coach Hud and Hudnall Family
Inkang Kim


Anitra and George Bornheimer
Sarah and Kevin Boyle
Chris and Narine Butler
Rory Hunter
Diane and Scott Imbach
Danielle and Darin Puhl
Colleen and Craig Quinn
Deanne and Randy Shey
Libby and Michael Thomas

Honor Roll

Sandy Armour
Sean Armstrong
Miguel Barron
Theresa and Michael Baumann
Antoinette and Phillip Bernard
Sandy and Brian Coffey
Alyson and Dean Decker
Cami and Donald Evans
Thychau and Yuehua Allen Guo
Nicole and Rob Hammond
Michele Hatamiya
Lisa and Robert Hladek
Heidi and Erin Hoffman
Marisa and John Kunich
Maryam and Stefan Lendi
Yun Cheryl and Jeff Lin
Yvonne and William Liu
Allison and Rick Mayer
Marlene and Jeff McKeeve
Elena and Rob Meroth
Joanne and Kirk Nygren
Laura and Matt Pope
Christine and Joe Rich
Britta and Kevin Shannon
Alexandra and Michael Smith
Mary and Greg Stewart
Vivien and Mark Usui
Jennifer and Roger Yang


Priscilla and Allen Adler
Lynn and Mike Allen
Elisa Anhalt and Doug Laurin
Louise and Randy Arenstein
Judy Armstrong
Cindy Bai and Kevin Yang
Danytza and Brad Barez
Kelly Barry and John Barry II
Cynthia and John Bartlett
Robyn and John Bockrath
Jeanette and Bjorn Borgen
Ann Boss
Melissa and Rick Bradley
Kim and Chris Brothers
Emily and Beau Brown
Krista and Jack Burns
Beth and Marshall Carr
Dana and Brad Chelf
Jennifer and Anthony Chen
Sunny SunDuck Choi and Jay JongUk Lim
Lauren Choi and Philip Chung
Gigi and Anthony Collatos
Kimberly Colletti
Shannon and John Corsaro
Carolbeth Cozen
Michelle and Mike Cross
Michelle and Scott Dahle
April and Bill Davis
Stephanie and Aaron De La Torre
Alexia and Fred Dellovade
Kristine and Scott Douglas
Lori and Robert Dunbar
Margarita and Nicholas Dupas
Mary and Ernest Emerson
Kay and Charlie
Denise and Brad Farnsworth
Lori and Steve Fechner
Cheri and Daniel Feingold
Michele and Robert Feller
Stephen and Stefanie Forsey-Smerek
Jill Frost
Ron and Akemi Fukushima
Trina and Christopher Gagliano
Brooke and Kurt George
Aimee and David Gesseck
Jennifer and Mark Giacalone
Mimi Gong
Audrey and Bryan Haluza
Joycelyn and Mark Harrigian

Sandra Heffernan
Karla and John Heidelberg
Corinne and Shane Hickson
Helen and Aaron Hong
Paula and Miles Irish
Estelle and Stephen Izuno
Steven Jeau
Catherine and Bret Johnsen
Erika Kane
Jill and Hahn Kang
Peter Katzaroff
Adrianne and Richard Kaufman
Amy and Phil Keenan
Susan Keller
Iris and Daniel Kim
Dana and Tom Knight
Erol Kosar
Michele and John Koyama
Dina and Joe LaBreche
Heather and Greg Lebsack
Mandi and Scott Leonard
Kathleen and Ralph Lettieri
Mario and Susan Liberati
Nikolaos Liontos
Alicia Lugo-Gutierrez and Erick Gutierrez
Nancy Madden
Elaine and Thad Malit
Carrie and Mike Mandala
Anne and Andrew Martz
Stacy and Laura Marvin Fuchino
Sukhbir and Thomas Mathew
Mona and Rick McCallister
Jenny and Dane McKay
Stacey and Duncan McVicar
Carol and Lanning Melville
Ellen and Josh Mendel
Danielle and Fazal Merchant
Sydne and Chuck Michel
Georgene and George Mitsanas
Faye and Michael Moore
Shari and Morgan Moore
Amy and Doug Mottram
Cyndi and Ken Naehu
Dara Nassif
Lorraine and Michael Norris
Linda and Ejike Onyeador
Jackie Pascal
Becky and Seon Park
Linda and Steve Perry
Michele and Robert Poletti

Itchie and Mark Pope
Colleen and John Post
Sheila Potter
Julia and Steve Prado
Teresa Quan and Hai Nguyen
Sandra and Mario Ramirez
Noelle and Rammy Rasmussen
Feng and John Readyhoff
Linda and Scott Reid
Allyson and Matthew Rener
Carrie Ann and Timothy Rettberg
Julie and John Reynolds
Sharon Rich and Jason Whitehead
Diane and George Ringer
Lisa and Mark Roah
Jennifer Robbins and Matthew Brannan
Elizabeth and Matthew Rohde
Vanessa and Robert Ruiz
Jeanette and Vukan Ruzic
Marialena Sala
Cynthia and Ken Sanders
Jill and Graham Sanders
Adriana Schiappa
Sharon and Steve Shikiya
Kere Shook
Laura and Anthony Skinner
Sarah and Randy Smith
Liza and James Steman
Sandra Jo Streeter
Juan Tan
Leanne and Chris Teets
Lisa and Kevin Templeton
Susan and Rick Theder
Lorraine and Ronald Tom
Rhonda and Charles Treatch
Braden and Wendy Turnbull
Kristin Typrowicz
Shari and Anthony Vuoso
Kelly and Al Walsh
Amy and Mike Ward
Janis and Mike Warter
Kristen and David Wendorff
Stacey and Steve Wilhem
Dan and Brooke Wilken
Brenda and Vernon Williams
Camila and Nick Yarymovych


Ramin and Nina Abdo
Keiko Abe
Michelle Abeson
Michiko and Bryce Agnew
Michelle Aleixo
Michelle and Joe Alessi
Elvira Allegaert
Jill and Michael Allen
Rina Anderson
Jana and Benny Anderson
John Anderson
Dawn and Ron Anfuso
Katie and Roger Applewhite
Michelle Aragon and Herb Grageda
Joy and Wade Arai
Suzanne and Alex Arriola
Donna Artino
Paula and Bill Aycock
Joanne Babarovic
Juliet and Peter Babros
Joanne and Ruben Baeza
Janna and Edward Bahny
Lisa and Joseph Balcom
Christine and Christopher Ball
Cindy and Matt Bandy
Tracy and Matt Beecher
Diana and Tim Behrendsen
Kei and David Benoit
Sharon Benton
Jason Berri
Lisa and Jim Berry
Frances and Daniel Blair
Angelie and John Blakey
Susan and Steve Bohannon
Elaine and Rick Bohner
Andrea Bond
Elizabeth and Michael Booth
Laura Boudreau and Makoto Miyashita
Allison and Ron Brandt
Monica and Scott Brannen
Rhonda Brauer and Thomas Good
Diana Briceno and Robert Price
Carolyn and Robert Brown
Jennifer and Richard Brusick
Kevin Buchanan
Hollenbeck and Rodney Buck
Lisa and Erwin Bucy
Felisa and Kurt Buehler
Kristina and Brian Bugle
Toni and Michael Burczyk
Sarah and Nicholas Buzby
Julie Camel
Cindy Campbell
Susie and Brian Campbell
Carolyn Carpenter
Stephanie and Mike Carpenter
Genie Casey
Helle and Dennis Catallo
MJ and Brian Charbonnier
Laura and Per Chas
Erin and Andrew Chekian
Qianyu Chen
Carolyn Chen
Peter Cho
Sunmin and Troy Choi
Michelle and Mark Cibort
Janet and Scott Clark
Carolyn and Bil Brummer
Doris and Frank Colaruotolo
Val and Keith Cole
Natalie Collier
Theresa Conlon
Sarah Cook
Margarita and Robert Cooper
Holly and Chris Corman
Kristina and Mark Correa
Jen and Curt Cosgrove
Denise Cotter
Jennifer and Ken Coward
Stuart and Jasminka Criley
Jill and John Crump
C.C. and Tony Cunha
Marianne Cuttic
Aimee and Mark Cuyler
Amy and Anthony D’Ambra
Katie and Merlin David
Charlyne and Steve Davidson
Elaine Davidson
Cathy and Mike Davin
Alexandra Davis
Janae and Matt Davis
Bethelyn and Steven Dawson
Stephanie and Luis De Moraes
Michelle Dean
Roxanne and Jon Dean
Swaran and Dan DeLeon
Lisa Detrick
Alex Dia
Jo Dibbo
Malinda and John Dileva
Karla Dillenberg
Jill Dixon
Maggie and Charles Dodge
Lisa and Steve Donahue
Sunil and Gregory Doty
Carol and Michael Dowling
Kathryn Downs
Tanya Drawer
Carrie Dugel
Suzanne and Aaron Dyer
Patricia Easley
Leslie Edrich
Laurie and Craig Ellis
Gail and Chuck Emery
Kristi and Robert Ernenwein
Martha and Jesse Espinoza
Lisanne Evans
Carrie and Steve Fairbrother
Patricia Farley
Bett and Scott Filler
Christy and Joe Finazzo
Michelle and Ian Fitt
Christopher and Betsy Foley
Lucy and Sam Follis
Michele and Michael Ford
Amy and Michael Forte
Donni and Brian Foster
Irene Fowell and William Nash
Maria and John Franklin
Cathy and Patrick Fresch
Eden and Steve Friedman
Melissa Fry
Michelle and Robert Fullerton
Christy and Victor Furriel
Sandra Gallo
Andrea and Richard Galvin
Tao Gao and Wei Dong Miao
Shannon Garcia
Guri and Peter Gasteiger
Daren Gaynair
Julie and Tony Gayton

Afsaneh Ghaffari
Anne and Sal Gonzales
Mindy and Jim Gormley
Anne and Steve Granick
Beth and Joe Graziano
Cara and Brian Greene
Nicola and Matthew Grimes
Angela and Jeff Groves
Laura and Cullen Gunson
Fatima Gutierrez
Debbie Haag
Tania Haddad
Sherry and Bashir Hajjar
Darcel and Michael Hamson
Carolyn and Anthony Hardesty
Katherine and Charles Hargraves
Stacey and Mike Harlan
Jackie and Mike Harper
Patti and Jim Harris
Debra Hart
Carrie and Moe Hassanzai
Julie and Jeff Headon
Robin and Steve Heffernan
Cynthia and Brant Heise
Dean Herbrandson
Anna and Ronald Higa
Irene and Greg Hill
Katie and Howard Hirsch
Rushnok Hirt
Noelle Hofmann
Nancy and Jason Hokama
Tracy and Scott Holt
In Kang Hong
Jennifer and Ted Hong
Joyce Hong
Ted Hori
Amy and Sean Howard
Alexa Hoyt
Janet Hu
Jackie and Matt Huang
Amy and Tim Hubbard
Carola and John Hynes
Nicole and John Iacono
Leisa Irvine
Sandra Isozaki
Alison and Daniel Jamele
Melani Jana
Timmi and Jim Jandro
Kristy Jimenez and Moise Innocent
Krista and Jeffrey Johnson
Andrea Kahrs
Paige and Clinton Kakazu
Judy and Keith Kamholz
Gina and John Kare
Jeannie and Paul Karlitz
Tina Kastelan
Roanne and Anthony Katnic
Michelle Katnik
Ellie and Arata Kawada
Helen and Ted Kawahara
Kathleen and Jack Keenan
Alla and Dan Kerker
Deborah and Brett Keshtkar
Jill and Barry Khan
Azadeh Khatibi and Nicholas Garrity
Anna Kim
Kristine and Kee Kim
Yoomin Kim
Lauren Kim-Zaro and Lee Zaro
Patsy and Kris Klein
Lisa and Dan Klerman
Linda and David Kobayashi
Mariko Komatsu
Karen Kwan and John Jorgensen
Linda and Eugene Kwon
Gina Ladinig
Carol and Kevin Lally
Cathryn and Frank Lamberti
Sharon and Steve Lampe
Abby and Ted Lanes
Patty and Steve Lantz
Duksoon Lee and Mark Nam
Kelly and Korwin Lee
Lee and Robert Lee
Susan and Preston Lee
Paula and Mark Leeds
Danelle Levin
Irma and Bruce Levine
Ilya Lie-Nielsen and Dane Mohl
Jared Liu
Carolyn and Richard Lizdenis
Robin and Michael Logan
Julie and Wyatt Loo
Nicole and David Lukacova
Angelique and Geoff Lyle
Michelle and Milton Mabry
Julie and Hideki Maemoto
Sandra and Ernest Magana
Brenda and Paul Magid
Michelle Maisner
Simone and Dan Majka
Heidi and John Makenbach
Kathryn and Frank Malone
Tanya and Paul Mann
Bobbie and George Mantikas
Gwen and Michael Marelli
Ann and Paul Markley
Lori Marshall
Jeanna and Javier Martinez
Mary Meade
Cathy and Bill Mashy
Tara Mattie and James Krampert
Lisa and Paul Mance
Margaret and Gary Matura
Suzanne Maurizio
Holly and John Mavar
Gail Mavar
Amber McAuley
Andrea and David McCann
Tonja McElroy
Carol and Doug McFarland
Michelle McGarry
Carrie and Mike McKay
Debbie McKenna and Michael Nitchals
Venita and Grant McLay
Suzanne McLeod
Ginger and Daniel McNary
Lisa Meliota
Lucy and Miki Milivojevic
Petra and Steve Miller
MaryAnn Milutin
Heidi and Mark Mitchell
Dina and Dave Moll
Melissa and Christopher Mollo
Isabel and Greg Moore
Caroline and Tom Moore
Tania and Jeff Moore
Nicole and Michael Mosich
Donna and George Moussalli
Susanna and Andrew Munro
Fay Murakawa and Jon Rubin
Christine and Tom Myrick

Akiko and Hidehiko Nagata
Yumiko and Kaz Negishi
Natasha and Richard Nelson
Caroline and Kyle Nelson
Stephanie B. Nicolello
Cheryl and Mike Noland
Lori and Steve Nolls
Busaba and Thomas Nuttman
Wendy O’Brien and Francisco Cabrera
Maria and Sean O’Connor
Tricia and Christopher Olsen
Sandra and Jeff Ottaway
Sung Park
Tim Paulson
Jennifer and Tom Payne
Shannon Pereira
Monique Yasna Perez
Maricel Perez Lovisolo
Lynn and Bill Petak
Amanda Peters
Jenny and Loren Peters
Beth and John Peterson
Edie and Rolf Pfannerer
Dominique and Brian Pheiffer
Cathy Pluimer
Diane and Mark Polischeck
Tamara and Dave Poncia
Adriana and Greg Popovich
Kandi and Jiri Pytlicek
Minette and Richard Ramos
Nasser Razepoor
Judy and Shapour Razipour
Tammy Reyes
Lydia and Chris Rich
Keri and Ken Roberts
Debi and Scot Robinson
Laura and Kurt Robinson
Ana Romero and Allan Rigg
Georgiana Rosenkranz and Jarret Johnson
Leslie and Brandon Rowe
Heather and Luke Rowland
Yuko and Gregory Royston
Mary and Sal Russo
Diane Russo
Deena and Bill Ruth
Farrah and Marwan Saab
Yasuo and Hiroko Sakka
Kathleen Salmons and Howard Caplan
Julie Salomon
Karen Sanzone
Stefanie Schakel
Vielka Schmid
Jamie and Jonah Schnel
Tammy and Gordon Scriven
Carol and Walt Shaffer
Dewanna and Mark Sharp
Jennifer and John Shigekawa
Miki Shimizu
Mariko and Steve Shimoyama
Ellen Shin
Beth and David Shirley
Meredith and David Silk
Tara and Ian Simonian
Rosanna and Ranjan Singh
Chloe and Troy Slome
Julie and Fred Smalling
Dana Smart and Dr. Kumi Smart
Lisa and Craig Smith
Shahinaz Soliman and Adham Aziz
Rebecca and Craig Sommerstein
Maggie and Richard Stacy
Craig Stapleton
Mana Naghibi Stein and Douglas Stein
Stacey Stoler
Kim and Steven Stoneman
Stephanie Streisand and Oscar Wait
Kavita Sudarsan and Sudarsan Thattai
Allison and Steve Suh
Linda and Matthew Suh
Patricia Sullivan
Tracy and Steve Sullivan
Linda and Albert Sun
Suzanne and Allen Sussman
Rebekah and Carl Swan
Elena and Michael Swatek
Teresa and Karl Sweis
Jennifer Taggart and Jud Welcher
Carol and Ross Takano
Yvonne and Garo Tanielian
Pamela Tansavatdi
Joan Taylor
Joan and Tom Tenney
Jane Tessler
Debbie Peden
Diane and Anthony Tody
Cathy and Paul Tom
Natalie and Mark Tournat
Julie Trell
Maritess and Rourke Trivell
Irene and John Trotter
Cathy and John Trujillo
Sonia Tsai
Jennifer and William Tsai
Anna and Chris Tsangaris
Maria and Themios Tsiboukas
Jennifer and Rodney Uyeda
Siobhan Van Gieson
Gaye Vancans
Holly and Joseph Vanderdonck
Molly Veera
Celeste Veerkamp
Parul and Ashish Vibhakar
Anuri and Movin Vitanatchi
Denay Vogel
Doug Vogel and Mark Frey
Thaissa and Marcelo Voigt
Maryellen and Andre Vuilleumier
Theresa and Duncan Wain
Vivianne and Yaniv Waisman
Natalie and Glen Walker
Elisabeth and Brian Walter
Susan and Tom Wang
Teena and Dan Wapner
Christyne and Jeffrey Watson
Amy Watson-Bates and Patrick Bates
Heather and Matt Weiss
Jennifer and Evan Weiss
Emma and John Wells
Megan and Jeff Wescott
Beth and Dan White
Silva and Tim Will
Steve Wollman
Peng Xie
Dolly and Richard Yoon
Judy Sapp and Nabil Youssef
Karen and Brett Zane
Tom Zarchy
Nanette and Jim Zupon