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January 9 | Booster Club Meeting 7 pm PVHS Library
February 13 | Booster Club Meeting 7 pm PVHS Library
March 9 | Catch the Wave "By the Sea" at Portofino

FAQs About PVHS Booster Club

Booster Club sponsored swimming pool at PVHS

Booster Club sponsored swimming pool at PVHS

What is Booster Club?
Booster Club is the fundraising arm of Palos Verdes High School. The mission of PVHS Booster Club is to supplement limited public school funding. At Palos Verdes High School, we have one booster club that supports arts, academics and athletics. Since its inception in 2001, PVHS Booster Club has raised over $4,000,000. These funds go directly to Palos Verdes High School.

What is the advantage of having only one booster club?
The PVHS one booster club approach is unique and has several advantages. Within our booster club, we have academic, arts and athletic committees. This ensures that all programs, students, and staff are supported. Many schools have separate booster clubs for athletics, drama, music, dance and other extra curricular groups. Having one booster club gives PVHS the advantage of also supporting academic programs and directing maximum financial support towards all students in all areas.

The PVPUSD Participation Donation is a voluntary donation that is suggested by Palos Verdes School District to offset the cost of extra-curricular, in-season costs for each individual student. This donation covers the cost of transportation, Coach/Advisor Stipends (in-season only) and equipment. The voluntary Booster Club donation/membership underwrites ALL AREAS of extra-curricular activity including out-of-season and some in-season stipends for coaches and advisors (i.e. drumline, M.U.N., Academic Decathalon, etc.) teacher in-servicing, books, supplies, computer equipment, musical instruments, athletic equipment, College and Career College Day (in partnership with PTSA) and on and on. Both donations are annual requests and both have enabled the continuance of a broad spectrum of extra-curricular activities for all students at Palos Verdes High School. Parents are asked to write separate checks for these donations as they are managed by different entities.

How do I become a member?
Membership information and online registration are available here or in the PVHS registration packet.

How does Booster Club raise money?
Booster Club raises money in three ways:

  • The Annual Membership Drive
  • Catch the Wave event in March
  • Escrip

For more information about membership, Catch the Wave and Escrip check our website at www.pvboosterclub.com.

Are donations to PVHS Booster Club tax deductible?
Yes. Booster Club was established in 2001 as a 501c3 nonprofit tax-exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible. The tax ID number is 30-0005919.

How can I become involved in Booster Club?
Booster Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month (except August) at 7pm in the PVHS library. All are invited!